Patients want:

  • To be engaged in their healthcare management
  • To recover independently at home in cost-efficient ways 
  • To access personal records and information about their health status
  • To analyze symptoms before going to the hospital 
  • To avoid readmission into the hospital 
  • To not worry about potential unwanted encounters with medical coverage. The current methods to detect post-operative complications leave patients with higher deductibles & the need to obtain prior authorization from their private insurers for advanced medical imaging procedures.
  • To eliminating the need for multiple physician consultations and other ambulatory episodes

The patients can rest assured that their physician/surgeon is “alongside” them the whole time. They will be more comfortable knowing that NERv’s biochip is connecting them to their physician, receiving updates in real-time, letting them know if they are suffering from a potential life-threatening complication.


In addition, our research has suggested that patients would rather continue the rehabilitation process in the comfort of their own homes. Not only is the physician going to be alerted as soon as a complication happens, but also the patient will be notified immediately.