Investors want:

  • To invest in a product with scientific proof of technology. NERv’s talented team currently has a function prototype and is working on continuing its development.


  • To invest in a company that is innovative and on the cutting edge of science. Here at NERv, we are doing just that every day.

NERv’s Timeline

The demand for home patient monitoring equipment is projected to increase 11% annually to over $3.3 billion in 2018 to account for 27% of US home medical equipment demand.


There is a tremendous opportunity for small technology companies in the preventative market because of low barriers to entry. Right now, the market is more technology-driven than size-driven. Healthcare focus is trending from hospitals to homes. Thus, demand for remote monitoring devices is increasing. The preventative market is in ‘high-interest’ stage. In the next decade, it is expected that this ‘interest’ phase will transform to ‘solutions’ phase.


NERv’s solution is capable of changing the future the healthcare industry and the surgical field in particular. NERv is currently looking for strategic partners who can assist our sales-driven, technical team to bring this innovative technology to the market.