Hospitals Want:

  • To decrease the length of hospital admissions. The longer a patient is admitted in the hospital, the more costs the hospitals incur.
  • To eliminate the drop in average profit. Complications drop hospitals average profit from 23% to 3.4%
  • To decrease preventable illness which represents 80% of the burden to healthcare providers and 90% of all healthcare costs in the United States.

While hospital admissions represented the lowest volume of patient activity in 2012, they represented the largest share of medical service demand in dollar terms. Due to this disparity, hospital admissions are often targeted in efforts to control medical costs. These efforts include the trend favoring the use of lower-cost outpatient care options over inpatient procedures.


Cost containment will continue to hold down overall hospital stays and promote the transfer of hospitalized patients to ambulatory and home care as soon as feasible. Keeping the length of average hospital stays short.


Hospitals will be able to free up more beds and rooms for other patients coming in for other in-patient services/surgical procedures. With NERv’s biochip, patients will be able to be monitored in the comfort of their own homes.


Therefore, patients would spend less time at the hospital after the surgical procedure, reducing the risk of contracting any infection from the hospital environment. Finally, the hospital would be able to channel its resources, such as human resources and equipment, to the other patients who are in the hospital.